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squire snapper (30cm+) in the harbour 23/01


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G'day Riaders,

Plenty of legal squire patrolling the bottom at the harbour at the wedding cakes. Especially the one on the opposite side of the ferry/shipping channel (opposite the reef).

In a space of 3 hours i caught and released 67. Most were caught on berkley stick baits in the white which i dropped fown to the bottom with a small resin head.

Others were caught on pilchards. great fun on light tackle. Also caught 3 kingies (only rats) but all good fun.

All the best

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Nicely done...

67 :/...

Only ever done something similar to that in Fiji from the beach...

Will u shud come fiji with my n dad. he goes back to all the old spots from when he use to live there and pulls out some monster GT's even from small river systems.

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