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fuel economy


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hi all new to this but have a question someone migh know the answer to.

i have a quintrex breezeabout 4.0 with a 30hp johnson (1996 model motor)

was wondering whats a reasonable expectation for fuel usage, litres per hour/knot etc if loaded with 2 blokes and a reasonable amount of gear in the hawkesbury or simillar waterway

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Guest Aussie007

i have a 4.3m quintrex 50hp evinrude i use a 25L tank i drive around 15-20km's plus i downrigg for around 2-2.5 hours i use just over half to 3/4th's of a tank starting the engine at the boat ramp and turning it off there i will get total km's traveled next time i remember to take my GPS

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thanks guys all good info

ive been using around 10-11l going from berowra boat ramp up to big jims point, back to bar point and then back to the ramp.

which i thought was a bit much, but have only done it twice and am still playing with trim angles (manual trim so not as easy to change and try the difference)

next time will have a gps so i can see what gives the best performance and hopefully best economy

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