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What a difference a day makes - a mere 24 hours..


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Sounds like a title for a song. Went out yesterday for a couple of hours and was confronted by wind and some big surges. Water was green and lots of kelp and weed floating around. Didn't get a single down in an hour, so decided to try again today.

Got an early start (for me) at 6am and the water was glassy and clear. Took my mate Bob, who has just started to fish for blackfish, and it was ideal for him to watch and practice. I checked that his float was weighted correctly and then turned around to get my rod. He was on to a good fish before I had baited up. It was just glorious on the rocks and with an hour to go until low, we were off to a good start. I hooked a couple of 34cm fish, which promptly went back, and then started getting some nice fish around 40cm. We fished for 3 hours with the tally being 9 fish for me and 2 for Bob. He is keen and I gave him a few more tips on how to read the water and what is happening to the bait and float. Also to be selective with the cabbage he baits up with. Tomorrow is a no go, as it will be a full house in National Park, but he is talking about Thursday, just before he flies out to Townsville. :)




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