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Abu Soron STX


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Hi anw,

I sure do. It's certainly up to catching big fish... I run 50lb braid on mine and have it as a Kingfish (Yellowtail in your part of the world) reel.

If you're after a dedicated jigging and popping reel for real monsters like Dogtooth Tuna or GT's (not sure if you get those in the USA... but the nastiest, biggest reef brawlers) then I'd probably have to recommend spending bigger $$ and going for something like a Stella or Saltiga.

I'd class Soron's as being in the top rank of general purpose spinning reels rather than as a specialist. I use mine for jigging and popping but I don't do that style of fishing much so cant justify the expense of a specialist reel.

Hope this helps.... Cheers, Slinky

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