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Syd Harb Mixed bag


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Not having much luck at all right now friends - despite many trips past fortnight. Have been livebaiting (land-based) for jews in the Harbour & rivers. Yesterday evening got a few yakkas in the bucket in no time - signs were good. Sent the first one out & had a small run almost right away - missed the hook though. Second cast out - and as my attention diverted to rigging another line - I failed to notice the approaching the Birchgrove ferry - and by the time I heard the reel scream & reached for the knife - she was all but spooled. So much new braid wasted!!

Frustrated & with the wharf quickly filling with lots of new & slighty inconsiderate friends - a few yakkas were stripped & sent out. 3 bream & a leatherjacket salvaged what has otherwise been an unbelievably quiet few weeks for me.post-12244-072510400 1296007208_thumb.gifpost-12244-030835300 1296007037_thumb.gif

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