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Australia Day freshwater fishing


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Took the Yak to Kangaroo Valley for a yak fish with a good mate of mine.

In 4 hours we managed some good sized bass between 26cm and 33cm as well as 7 Carp between 45cm and 74cm (equal pb) all on Taylor Made Nuggets diving between 1.5m and 3m below the surface. This must be one of the very few systems where Carp readily take lures ... amazing.

Hooked a monster just before coming in which straightened the trebles. Who knows how big that sucker was......

post-6111-098269800 1296100305_thumb.jpg

post-6111-094795600 1296100267_thumb.jpg

post-6111-059898100 1296100258_thumb.jpg

post-6111-018723500 1296100298_thumb.jpg

post-6111-003568200 1296100313_thumb.jpg

post-6111-071077600 1296100329_thumb.jpg

post-6111-044977100 1296100322_thumb.jpg

post-6111-065998400 1296100338_thumb.jpg

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SOUNDS like a great day....

CARP on a lure, dammmmnnn, that must have been exciting...

If you can upload a photo of that magic lure that would be much appreciated...

WELL done and congrats with your new PB...

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You made my day by showing me those monster Carp. Such an underrated fish- they pull hard ( especially on fly) and are not that easy to catch sometimes.

Well done and go the Carp.

Maybe you can yak in the Cox's for the next year and clean a few out from there- they are as big as Sturgeon down there!

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