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Penn Spinfisher 850SSm + Baitrunner 8000D

Ojay Samson

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hello raiders, i jsut bought a spinfisher 850SSm today for a cool price & was suggested to load it up with 30lb mono (ended up putting some platypus 30lb mono on it 300yds).

therein lies my problem.... i dont have a (new)rod to match it with, i will be using this reel to target kingfish and the like (bottom bash)from a boat[only started boat fishing recently], however i will also primarily be using this land based (hoping to get into shark fishing from a beach + a certain pier in sydney that kingys can be caught from).

i also have a shimano baitrunner 8000D coming in a couple of days and am also planning to use this for the same intended fishing purposes of mixed land & boat fishing.

as it stands i will be using a couple of old rods for now (a 12ft shimano beach rod & a jarvis walker 10ft beach rod for land & a 6'6" ugly stick line weight 1-4kg & jarvis walker 7' line class 4-10kg for boat)

could anyone in the knowhow please recommend me rods for both land and boat that will fullfil my intended purposes mentioned above & match the reel sizes... but something that will also not hurt my wallet too much :)

if i had to choose jsut 1 rod i suppose i would want a boat intended rod...

also when the baitrunner comes in, i wasn't quite sure what type of line i should put on it for that size of reel, does 50lb braid sound about right to you guys or should i go heavier/lighter? (and also wat braid brands are recommended)

btw these 2 reels are kind of replacing 2 older reels ive had for many years now (a shakespeare & jarvis walker of the same relative sizes these new reels are)

sorry for essay, any help/input is much appreciated.


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Look for something in the Pflueger Trion or Shimano Sahara series. I have the heaviest model in both these (around 6-8kg rating) and use them for everything from trolling for bonnies, light jigging for kings and also for bottom bashing with bait around the shallow reefs (under 30m).

Haven't been able to fault them yet. They have some serious pulling power. You are looking around $120-$140 depending on which you choose. Both have very decent build quality and components.

If you think they may be too light or not balanced look at something in the 8-15kg range like a Silstar Crystal Powertip they are only about $75!

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thanks for the input fellas.

im currently jsut using the spinfisher on the 10ft jarvis & am yet to put the baitrunner into action (still needs line haha).. i figured i'd stick to the suggested line that came in the manualannd go with power pro in 40 or 50lb


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