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Fishing spots close to Bankstown, NSW


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Hello guys, first time poster here! :thumbup:

I am very new to fishing, have only done some boring rock fishing catching small breams with little success.

I want to ask if there were any good places around 1hour drive from Bankstown NSW 2200. Not really after anything big or monstrous, but just to be able to cast a line, relax with a few mates and perhaps get a few nibble.

Also if you could list what kind of tackle i would need that would be awesome.


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You don't have to drive for an hour, maybe 10 minutes!

There are great fishing spots at Picnic Point, Milperra, Georges Hall that will produce fish.

You wont need much, an 8-10ft fast taper rod, some 4 kilo line and some fresh prawns or worms and you can have yourself a great day or night.

If you do feel like a drive however, then you can head over to Kurnell, or Sans Souci, or take a drive down to Stanwell Park or Coalcliff beaches.

Won't take you more than an hour to Stanwell Park Beach.

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Thanks for the quick reply, do you have exact locations around these areas or are there signs?

Also what kind of rig should i setup?

The only rig i've ever used follows this: sinker > swivel > 40cm line > hook


thats probably my down fall?

thanks for your help!

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Picnic Point/East Hills near the railway bridge, Georges Hall opposite Riverwood Golf Course, Fitzpatrick Park or Cattleduffers Flats, Lamberth Park. I don;t know if you can fish from the spot anymore but under the bridge in Salt Pan Creek was always a good producer for me back in the day. I hear rumour fishing was banned from the boardwalk down there.

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hey mate also have a look at burwood wharf, or abbotsford wharf, both have some bream, whiting and jewies on abbotsford wharf.

abbotsford also has a nice grass area on the right hand side of the wharf all you need is a rug and some chairs for a perfect night.

peeled prawns work a treat so dose squid strips.

also try lilli pilli wharf can get quite busy and is a small wharf but alot of squid!

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Georges will be your mainstay, all species for all times of the year plenty of shore based just watch stepping on some of the rocks below the high water mark they get slimey! Kelso Park beach is an amazing spot seen some good mixed bags there even nice jew but fish the making tide!

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