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Hawkesbury 25th, 26th and 27th trip


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i just got back from a few days staying at a place at bar pt. It was very hot but its a shame that the fishing wasnt as hot. Altogether in a few days fishing we managed about 30 catfish, 3 bream, 2 flathead (both legal), a few undersize tailor and my first JEWIE! It was only little at 30cm caught on a prawn but it gave me a real buzz. At night we camped out on the wharf for a few hours with fresh squid and bonito out for a few jews and flatties. Missed 3 hookups and lost 2 fish on the bonito at the wharf. they felt like flatties but ill never know. out on the boat it was unbelievably slow with just 1 catfish in 3 hours of fishing. We did miss one massive hot on the bonito when we were fishing fishing off milson island. the Vines was absolutely dead and so was bar pt. A nice way to spend australia day but hey, at least a family friend who is only 9 years old caught a 40cm flattie as hs first ever fish. Not many photos so will not worry about putting them up.


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