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Beginners rig setup


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Hey guys!

I am fairly new to fishing and wanted some help setting up my rig

At the moment, what i do is this: sinker > swivel > 40cm line > hook

I know this isnt the most effective rig to catch fish so am wondering if you guys can point me in the right direction.

I am just casting from rocks, trying to catch anything

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Just keep in mind where your bait ends up after you cast. If you use a ball sinker the bait will move in the current and may end up outside of the strike zone.

You might need to try a small star sinker or even a snapper lead to keep you in the right spot.

Fishing areas where there are drop offs or rocks surrounded by mud/sand and weed beds are also a good spot.

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G'day Dafidav,

The very first and most important thing you should do is to stop 'trying to catch anything'... and instead focus on one particular species at a time.

It's the very best way to learn and get a lot better quickly. Each type of fish can be caught best with a particular rig, bait, location, conditions. If you specialise you'll give yourself a much better chance of catching that kind of fish (and therefore putting something in the bag), as well as quickly learning just what works best for them.

When you feel you've got a bit of a handle on that particular kind of fish, have a go at a different species and then just keep learning the best way to catch one new species after another.

Fishing for one species doesn't mean you won't catch any others either. If you focused on bream for example and used the rigs and baits best suited to them, I'll guarantee you'll also catch flathead, whiting and other species too. But your odds on Bream go WAAAAAY up over a 'catch anything' approach.

Let us know the fish you'd most like to catch and you'll get a heap of good advice on the best rigs, baits, locations and so-on from other Raiders.

Cheers, Slinky :1fishing1:

PS... A snapper lead is a kind of sinker, shaped a little like an elongated spear-point.

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thanks for the suggestion!

ok lets focus on breams, what kind of rig should i use?

and would it be different rigs if i use soft plastic compared to prawns and chopped pilchards?


G'day dafidav,

The simplest rig for baitfishing for bream is a simple 'running sinker' rig.

First though, there are 2 important things that will give you a much better chance from the outset.

- Use the lightest line and smallest sinkers you can get away with

- Use only the freshest bait (preferably that you've caught yourself or at least that you buy fresh... good quality Pilchards are an exception though... but pink nippers, blood worms, sand worms, pippis, prawns... all work heaps better fresh. 'Servo prawns' and similar are on the bottom of the list for fish, although you'll still get some.

I'd rig up with about 6lb - 10lb mono or 4-6lb braid with a 6-10lb mono leader. Tie a small swivel to the end of your line or leader with the smallest ball (round) sinker you can get away with above it running free on the line (your sinker should be just enough to get you to the bottom. If there is no current at all you can even get away with no sinker at all).

To the bottom of the swivel tie on a 6-10lb mono or fluorocarbon trace around 60cm long. Tie a hook to that which suits your bait size and type.

Then go fishing. The running sinker rig will allow a fish to pick up your bait confidently and swim off with it without feeling resistance from the sinker. Their are heaps of variations on this and everyone has their own preferences but if you fish the right location with quality bait and this rig, you WILL catch bream.

Cheers, Slinky

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thanks mate for the reply

last night i put new line on my reel, 8lb fireline with 10lb fluorocarbon leader, shall be doing some fishing this weekend, trying out some soft plastic as well as bait

thanks for the info guys


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