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Mission Accomplished


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I had arranged to take Smitty out for a go at his first kingy and good mate Johnno offered to take us both out as his boat is a little bigger and has a bit more room for all the rods we needed :1yikes:

Hit the bay early and it didnt take long for Smitty to break his virginity on a rat :yahoo: he was stoked and on a surface popper, was all visual as well.

post-256-000183400 1296205518_thumb.jpg

post-256-066136400 1296205524_thumb.jpg

Smitty followed this up with another rat and quick pics and free to swim home again.

We had a ball out in the bay with schools of bonito and tailor everywhere taking small 20grm slugs and the light bream rods got a real working over ,especially on the bonnies and some of the tailor were near 45cms.Johnno scored a nice little trevally on one of our double hook-ups which just made for even more fun!! We scored eight different species with flounder and a reddie on hardbods something out of the ordinary.

post-256-096748400 1296205533_thumb.jpg

Top day out with two great friends and we spent a total of nearly 14 hours playing in great conditions.

Thanks fellas for the top days entertainment.

Cheers Stewy

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What a great day we had long but a great pleasure to go out with some good mates.

as you can see we obeyed the rules by wearing our life jackets

we did fish many styles and for many species some payed off others didn,t land a fish (still no jewfish on plastics for me )

we had a mixedbag of fish as stewy said but it was great to see the bay and river

with many species. seen garfish on the surface and a long tom follow smitty,s lure, on top of what we landed in the net.

congrats smitty on your first king now we just need to get you a legal one.

Edited by johnno
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It sure was a great day guys, I had a ball!! :yahoo:

Three good mates having a ball on the bay, playing with rat kings and schools of bonnies and tailor....what more can you ask for???.....Ummm.....a legal king would have been nice :1prop: but that'll have to wait till next time.

I was stoked to catch a couple of small kings on my very first attempt.........and on poppers at that :biggrin2: ......geez the big one must pull bloody hard! I'm sure that first jew is just around the corner too Johnno....I can feel it!

Cooked up a feed of tailor and bonnie fillets last night and they went down a treat dipped in hot chilli mayo......yummo. And I might just cook up some bream, trevally and flathead tonight......like stewy said, it was a bit of mixed bag.

Once again guys, thanks heaps for a TOP day on the water.....the trophy is a dream to fish out of Johnno :thumbup::thumbup:.......hope we can do it all again some day real soon.



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Sounds like a fun day was had by all! :thumbup:

Well done Smitty on your 1st king. Great fun on light gear no matter how big they are.

You're one trip closer to that jew johnno. :biggrin2:

Shame about the pulled hooks Stewy.

Great stuff boys.



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