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US Boat Brands - Ranger, Stratos & Triton


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Hi all,

For some time now I've been looking at some of the Fish/Ski boats made in the US cause all the Aussie ones that I can find (apart from Fincraft) seem to focus more on either ski or fish.

I'm not looking at a Bass boat cause the missus doesn't want to blown off the face of the planet and wants a windscreen.

So looking at the Stratos, Ranger and Triton US websites at their fish / ski boats (around the 18ft length) they look awesome coming standard with Electric motors, live well's, forward and aft casting decks, rod lockers, sounders, ski poles, wind screens, heaps of storage but my biggest fear is there are none in Australia for me to look at or take for a spin. All are fiberglass which is what I want for a smother ride.

Anyway, if any one has seen, been or knows someone with one of these brands I'd love to find out more....even if its just one of their Bass boats, just knowing the quality of finish and ride etc would be a great start.

With the US dollar like it is right now, it's very tempting....

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talk to peter from sfba heading out tomorrow to order a stratos bass boat same boat 1 year ago 50.000 this year 36000 dollar is too great to miss out .peter has being more than helpfull drop him a line.good luck with the searching

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