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my bonnies


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Hi Guys,

I know allfisher, my partner has already done a post on this but I was to say how i caught them. The first one was on my Texxy rod and my first big bonnie caught on a live yakka. The other was caught on the troll and then after catching rat kings all day I decided to have fun and catch a bonnie on live bait on my light gear..

Its great when the gals outfish the guys!


Empost-9104-010708600 1296289437_thumb.jpg

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Its funny u say that..

When i was with me ex gf she would rarely fish. When she did she would do very well and i'd be having an off day.. Its bizzare! for all the times i came home with stacks loads of quality fish i struggled to produce that in her presence and she would do ok! LOL

Ironically my most enjoyable sessions were with her albeit not so productive on the fishing front.

Its great to see more women getting into it well done, and men sharing it with their partner thats awesome.

BTW IMO bonito are one of the most under rated tablefish they go alright!


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