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Using different lines


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Hey guys

Just been reading through the forum and I was wondering if you guys have multiple reels all with different line for different type of fishing or do you only have 2-3 reels and swap over the line when you need to change?

If the latter, how do you go about taking the line off the current spool and storing it?


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You are better off purchasing an extra spool for you reels if they don't come with an extra one.

Most good quality reels come with 2 spools.

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I prefer to have multiple outfits with different line or different setups, the last thing you want when you're on the water is to see a school break the surface or have something happen and then be sitting there trying to swap spools and tie on a new lure etc.

It's easier just to pick up the next outfit which is already rigged and start casting, nothing hurts more than a missed opportunity.

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