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!st Bass in long time


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Well after reading many reports and reading plenty of mags i finally put all that knowledge gained and took my son on his try at bass fishing,and also my 1st in a very long time as well.After a bit of walk we hit the river and started to head up stream and try a few spots as we came to them.The second stop which we had to clamber over some large rocks to get a cast in was were i finally hooked up.Using a cicada shaped lure all in black from the $2.00 bargain bins i hooked up on my 1st surface bass,1 big splash my son Tim yells "dad you got one" bit of a tug of war later had it up on the rocks not a big one but still a bass. A quick pic and sent him on his way,bush bashed our way up stream again had a few followers but that was it for the rest of the day. Have to go back so Tim can try to land one,and need to keep a look out for some more of those cicada bargain lures...........Gav

post-5607-061456800 1296351247_thumb.jpg my son Tim

post-5607-091090300 1296351211_thumb.jpg can i add this to cotm?

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