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My first and still biggest Jew


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For as long as I can remember I've always loved fishing. When I was a kid and throughout school it was mainly the estuary species with a bit of rock fishing thrown in. Then once I left school and had a bit of freedom I started chasing bigger fish - in particular Jews. In the early 90's I read everything I could about catching them and fished whenever I could. Looking back I made heaps of mistakes but hey thats how you learn. Based on the Central Coast I fished North Entrance Beach as often as I could and also spent every period after heavy rain throwing lures at them around Gosford Rail bridge - I saw quite a few caught there but wasn't lucky enough myself.

I reckon I'd been fishing for them hard for around 12 months with no success. It was driving me mad. Then in September 93 I checked out the beach one night and they were catching a few salmon and tailor. I decided that I'd head back the next night to try my luck. That day it blew a gale from the west and was freezing cold plus I was late getting away from work which meant I didn't have time to catch bait. I almost didn't go. I decided to walk the beach and toss a lure around as I'd done this previously when the wind was westerly but with no success. I rocked up to the beach at around 8pm which was around high tide, there was a full moon blaring and a good swell running. On my 5th cast I hooked and landed the fish in the photo. Needless to say that I was blown away. I packed up there and then and headed home for a few photos. The fish went 24 kilos and is still my biggest fish to date.

Number 1 on my bucket list is a fish over 30 kilos from the beach. I'll keep hitting the beach as often as I can until I catch one.

Anyone else with a big jew story/photo I'd love to hear/see it. It keeps me motivated.

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