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1-1-0 Striped Marlin - Port Hacking


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Headed out of Port Hacking at 6:30 am with the bald headed South African, got some Yakkas and trolled lures to the Port Hacking FAD. Wind blowing 15kn from the SW.

Trolled around the FAD for zero, but half a mile south of the FAD a Striped Marlin came up and had a go at both 24s that were short before hooking up on the 15 on the starboard rigger.

Fought the fish for an hour before the hooks suddenly pulled when the fish was 20m from the boat and close to beat. That's now Marlin 4, Bruce 0 in the last 3 trips. I feel like we did everything right during the fight in terms of the skipper and angler.

Trolled until 8pm this evening for 1 Stripey.

Didn't mark a lot of bait on the sounder. No dollies at Port Hacking or Botany Bay Wide FAD.

The wind died around 10am and the NE never eventuated, so it was a lovely day on the water.

Planning revenge aginst the Marlin already!


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We were out yesterday as well, running out of Botany Bay. A bit messy in the early morning but beautiful hot conditions from mid morning. We managed to raise a striped and unfortunately it was only interested in playing with the lures - dumb fish those stripes. The current was raging from the north so absolutely no bait sighted or sounded at any depth - will have to wait for the current to ease (almost pushing the BB wide Fad under in the arvo). We had 26.7degrees from about 70 fathoms and wider, great colour but no fish. Our special invited guest "Boofhead" was very excited to be back on the water and although no fish I think Mik enjoyed tasting salt water again.

Anyway nice to hear you guys got a fish, a bit unlucky. BTW your boat is not a Black Barcrusher "A...n" with a black tow vehicle which I think lives very near to me??????

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