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Bream mission Hawkesbury 2/2


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How tempting are all the reports of fast big fish just a few miles off the heads?

I had 4 rods rigged covering all bases ranging from an x-rap 30 to a halco roosta and this was to go breamin, just in case something turned up or conditions permitted powering out to sea in my tinnie :1prop:

Did not run into any macks, mahis, wahoo or marlin traveling down the hawkesbury and West Head was rough enough for me so those rods went unused. lol.

Did fish some flats in pittwater for bread and butter bream. New areas I was prospecting were a Pike a thon and went through a heap of plastics and lost a couple of blades :ranting2:

Returned up river with a couple of new surface lures to try. Fishing was very hit and miss. Lots of good casts drawing no attention, then suddenly a stretch would have fish slapping at the lure. HAd to really finesse them before they would eat it so it was challenging fishing.

Ended up with a couple solid fish from flats and a pb surface bream. Better than working for sure.

Newish Daiwa legalis I have been using since September last year has a hard to tune drag for light leaders. Any ideas on how to upgrade or improve the drag as besides this I am happy with the value for money of the reel.

Also happy with the megabass sigletts, if you like your surface fishing, get some and they look cool too. Mind the price :wife: .

Cheers Dave

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