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Fishing Restrictions and rules

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This is my first post on Fishraider and I guess this was a good forum to get some things off my chest.

Firstly, fishing sanctuaries: what is the scientific logic behind these? I’ll give you 2 examples that I am familiar with:

Close to Sydney and Broken Bay, is Maitland Bay – this is a lovely beach sheltered from the summer nor-easterlies and a welcome respite from the swells. It is a beach of maybe 300 meters across but with no features that would make it significantly different from any number of beaches and bays within 10 km up and down the coast. Yet it is a fish sanctuary – why? Yes it does hold fish but it is not a breeding location. I frequent the place and yes, despite the regulations, I flick soft plastics around and do catch some flathead – which are all released. It is good fun and very pleasant.

Mid North Coast – South West Rocks: Fish Rock and Black Rock. Now here is an issue……and involves 2 parties: the Dive Boat Operators and the Green Party. True these rocky outcrops do provide a home for the Grey Nurse shark – much admired by the divers and of no interest to the fishermen and I agree should be looked after. Both rocks / islands provide great fishing for kingfish and cobia. But is now been decreed that fishing is no longer permitted – there is a 3 month amnesty with warnings before fines being imposed. I would like to know of any fisherman, targeting kingfish or cobia who has ever hooked a Grey Nurse Shark. The Dive Operators regard these spots as solely their own. I’m sorry but the ocean is to be shared. Closing these spots to recreational anglers will have a huge impact on the tourism and fishing industry at South West Rocks and having read the papers to justify this declaration, there is absolutely no logic to it. Beware, the Greens will not stop there and your local waters may also be in their sights.

Now my second grievance to get off my chest: I have been fishing for some 50 years. I started around Sydney Harbour and then Woy Woy and Gosford and then the halcyon days of LBG off Avoca, Terrigal, Devils Gorge, Seal Rocks and many others. I think I have earned my stripes. I have also owned a boat for the past 30 years. I cannot go along with the rule that I am not allowed to clean my fish until I reach shore. I have an on-board saltwater wash and I refuse to clean my catch in fresh water when I get on-shore to those few locations that actually have a cleaning table. I will look after my hard earned catch in the best possible way. I will also add, in those 30 years that I have owned and used a boat I have never been checked by fisheries. I pay my fishing licence fee, boat licence fee and would like to believe the money raised is used sensibly…..I am not sure of that.

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