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Need help in recognising!?


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Hi everyone

Yesterday I went to Cronulla. I never fished from shore in the ocean, but it was something! Rod: St Croix AVID IPS 7.6, Reel: C4 4601 (old school), braid: sunline 20 lb and 15 gramm spoon. Got a lot of attack but was able to lift only three fishs up. I don't know what it is? Does anybody know what kind of fish I got. Barracuda? Even it is a small fish it is really agressive! I liked it)

post-15488-013856200 1297039859_thumb.jpg

post-15488-007907400 1297040056_thumb.jpg

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It is a short finned sea pike or "snook"

Different to the normal pike - they have dark or olive back and a stripe running down there side and taste nice

Long finned sea pike - much more common in Sydney are much more silver and very yellow tail.

they are taller in the body profiel and taste terrible

Both would be great bait for kings live as they dont have any spikes so woudl be easy to swallow


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