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Qld - 02/02/11 - 1st Bass

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Evening all,

Late report here, photos have been lurking on my camera for a little while.

I have been sent to Queensland for work, so took the opportunity to bring a fishing rod and a few lures. Got put on to a hot spot, so full of excitement and trepadition I set off after work.

The area was quite impressive - a big weir with water pouring over it and flooding across the causeway.

post-17523-008992700 1297408786_thumb.jpg

I was fishing with a 3/4 oz blue / white spinnerbait across the stream, standing on a branch over the raging water, when BAM! My lure started heading in the opposite direction to where it was going. I was excited and nervous and, after a brief fight, my very first bass was landed.

post-17523-028604300 1297408923_thumb.jpg

I was a very happy camper.

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