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Penn 8500ss

Little Hooker

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Hey guys,

Got a wierd noise comin out of my mates penn 8500ss (USA model) About every 10 revolution it makes almost like a pop or click sound but if i take the spool off it doesnt make the noise. I have 2 reels that ive swap over internals but cant get rid of the noise!! The reels have been cleaned and service by me courtesy of slinky thead. Im pretty sure everything is put back right because the 3rd 8500ss i have works fine.... :1badmood:

I should add my mate said he sent the reel to penn a few yrs ago complaning about a click noise but they jus brushed him off stayin there wasnt a problem with the reel...r The reel was punnish fishing off the high cliffs for pelagics.

Can anyone shed some light??

TIA,cheers :)

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