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stripeys of longreef


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G'day raida's

Went out of Sydney on Sunday targeting dollies and kings with no success apart from pulling the hooks on what I believe to be a big dollie between fad 17 and the waverider bouy on a 6" skirt.

Since we couldn't find any dollies we decided to try longreef for kings but that plan didn't work much better either. So we decided to cast metals at the schools of what we thought were bonito busting up around us for a while and I hook up on a striped tuna which gave me a great 15min of fun on light bream grear. When I got it in the boat I weighed it and it went a good 3.2kg and made great sashimi that night (much better than king sashimi which was surprising after hearing how most people throw stripeys back)

post-14559-024732200 1298266310_thumb.jpg

Hooked another later on with the same rod but lost it when it got tangled up in my dads lure. Also seen other boats hooking up on what seemed to be big fish on game gear wider of long reef, so now is defiatly the time to be out there, the water was a clean deep blue colour and 23-24 degrees.

Might put a video up later of the fight too


Prawn Star

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They are top knotch as sushimi. My son missed his first yesterday . I had the taste in my mouth before he had got it boatside . The kids love them raw with lemon juice.

Looks like they are coming in finally . I hope they come in good numbers this year as last was a bit quiet.

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