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Sydney Harbour Squid


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HI Guys,

Heading down the harbour this weekend to try and land some decent size kings. Reading around the site, sounds like there are a heap of Rats at the moment. I caught my first king a couple of weekends back and while it was only 60 odd centimeters I have been hooked on trying to catch some large Kings since. Couldnt believe the power in these fish. Got mine on yaka, though I notice alot of you talk about using squid. Is squid a better bait? wondering if i should be trying to have a crack with some squid or to go with the yellow tail livies again.

Where would I go about catching some squid to get the kings im dreaming of? I've read that its all about the weeds, but dont have a clue where to start....

Would love any input. Help is much appreciated! thanks guys...

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Hey mate, yes you will get more on squid, especially in the harbour. But why not have a squid and a yakka out at the same time just to have your bases covered? As for spots, anywhere with rocks and kelp. You could try middle hear, dobroyd, the spit, balmoral island, fairlight, clifton gardens, the list is endless... most shoreline in the harbour has ideal squid huntin grounds! Fish with a lightish leader, 6kg is plenty, and fish your jigs just over the rocks and kelp, if your not getting snagged up every now and then then your not letting the jigs sink enough. Good luck!

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