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road trip

anthony f

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I am heart broken as I have to go to Darwin for the dry season for work ( NOT ) I am going to try and make this a yearly advent and seeing this will be the first time I am at odds to whether to take the boat or just make it a re-con mission. I was wondering if any-body would have a clue to what % does towing raise your fuel bill as I have really never taken notice before and does any-body have any advice or tips for such a trip

cheers Anthony

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Also depends on how you drive too. I picked up the following info googling fuel economy towing tips.

* Accelerate smoothly and gradually, not suddenly

* Don’t drive too close to the vehicle in front, drive at a safe distance

* Judge traffic flow to reduce the need to be constantly slowing or speeding up

* Release accelerator as soon as the need to slow down becomes apparent

* Increase vehicle speed on the approach to a hill so vehicle is not slugging up the hill

* If the vehicle is fitted with a trip computer, use the instant fuel consumption readout as a guide to the most appropriate gear and speed

* When going up a hill, change down gear early to maintain road and engine speed

* Reduce speed if there are strong head winds

* Cruise control is beneficial on flat roads when steady speeds can be maintained and when weather conditions are favourable

* Have your vehicle serviced regularly as specified by manufacturer

Have a look also into boat covers as they improve the aerodynamics of the boat and reduce fuel consumption. The looser and flappier the cover is the less effective it will be. The tonneau type covers that tightly seal the open areas are probably most effective. They'll also keep the rubbish out of your boat like dust etc. Getting rid of a boat full of red bull dust out of your boat will be a major pain.

Also look into the towing bra options that attach between the boat and trailer. They can deflect wind and improve the aerodynamics of your rig while towing. They sort of look like the picture below but attach to the boat. They also prevent stone chips to the hull of your boat.


As a safety precaution I also run a ratchet strap over the anchor sprit to the winch post and tighten it down to prevent the nose lifting if the wind gets under it. It also reduces strain on your winch strap.

I'd look at removing any bits that increase the height or profile of the boat too, like bimini's etc. Anything that reduces wind resistance will be beneficial.

How much you spend on all this will depend on how much fuel you think they'll save of course. Boat damage and cleaning should also be considered though.

Enjoy your trip!

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Thanks for your in-put. The car is a commodore station wagon and the boats a 4.2 side console and the trip starts from the Yamba. The screen on the console will defiantly be coming off to reduce wind resistance, would not of thought of that,


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