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Mixed bag off Broken Bay


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Hi all,

had a mixed day on the water yesterday. Decided to stay on the boat overnight in Pittwater on friday evening for an early start on saturday.

Stayed on the mooring and had a few beers and thought we would do some squidding. We only got 2 all night but managed plenty of yakkas. We headed out about 4.30am to a few inshore reefs with a couple of lures out.Then steve(Cluster13) turned around to see that his rod was gone :ranting2: not happy!! :05: $300 lost. Should have tied it off. We got to Boultens but bombed out :1badmood: squid lost to pickers.We then tried a couple more spots for a few undersize snapper.

Off we then went to find some Flathead (thanks to some great tips off Framedtrash) :thumbup: .

Got some decent Bluespot flatties there, and a good size Bonito.

We decided to head back in and stop on the way at another flattie drift.Got a couple more and a Kingie on a bonito strip.

post-10917-022410500 1298785636_thumb.jpg

Beautiful day on the water with perfect conditions and a good feed. Just a shame about Steve's rod going over the side.

Welsh Dave

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cheers for the day out dave :) (and the night on the boat :1wine: )

you forgot to mention the gummy shark (though we didn't keep that one)

just ordered my replacement rod and will remember to tie the bugger down next time.



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