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Which radio?


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Hi guys,

I currently have an in-dash VHF radio and am thinking of updating it to a UHF in preparation for getting the boat offshore.

I was looking at actually replacing the VHF and ditching it. It's one of those low profile ones only about an inch or so deep inside the dash.

Any thoughts on what brands or models are best and what sort of money I should look at spending on a reasonable one?

Current aerial is a stumpy 3 foot model, do I need to update that to something longer as well?



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Hi Brian

The 2 radios normally used for recreational boating are

27 Mhz - AM



Is your current radio a VHF and what brand? (the size of the radio unit does not matter - all electronics are coming in smaller packages these days) - If so and if it is 100% operational consider replacing the stubby antenna with either a 1.8 or 2.4 metre model ( more height gives better range and reception).

- a VHF radio requires the operator to be licenced - the training course that you need to complete to undertake the licence test has lots of great information about radios , communications , safety etc . you will learn a lot from it.

regards Bill

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Hi Brian,

A UHF radio is used by 4WDs, trucks, farmers, etc. It is not normally used in boats and, to the best of my knowledge, not monitored by any of the Emergency Services.

A VHF radio is the way to go.

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