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Help choosing a new rod


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Hi Guys,

I just need some advice on rod selection.

I have an opportunity to pick up some rods from the US.

I want to match it to my Stradic5000 spooled with 30lb PowerPro.

Main purpose will be flicking big plastics on 1/2 - 1 1/2oz jig heads. Also would use it to live bait for kingies.

Here is my shortlist:

e21 BWCS-731H-S Bluewater Carrot Stix Spinning Rod 7'3" 15-30lb

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Lite Rod 7' 14-40lb

Shimano Teramar Inshore Southeast Heavy Spinning Rod 8' 15-30lb

Shimano Teramar Inshore Southeast X.Heavy Spinning Rod 8' 15-40lb

My preference is the Teramar X.Heavy. Do you think it would be too heavy? The Teremar looks like its very similar to the TCurve we get here in Aus.




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How much are you planning to spend? IMO. I personally wouldn't live bait with a 30lb rod. Especially for Kingies, depending on the thickness of your braid , a big kingie (if fishing landbased) can be ruthless on your spool. On the other hand for plastics then either would be fine. Perhaps you should check out the Daiwa Saltist Demon Blood or the Saltist Bay Rubber series, very light and alot of grunt. The TD Saltwater is also a very good rod. Ive landed some legal kingies on that rod and dead lifted salmon of the rocks. Whatever choice you make, good luck and hope you catch something big.

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I'd go the Ugly Stik, they're a great rod and hard to break.

They're warranty is good also.

Thanks for the replies.

Im gonna risk it a little and go for the shimano teremar. Looks like it will match my needs the best. Im also gonna grab the tiger lite as a backup. I will probably sell 1 of them after trying them both out.

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