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The Banks Currarong


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Hi all,

Was intending on heading down to the banks off Currarong in a couple of weekends time to try get a hold of some big kings.

Was wondering if anyone has been fishing down there or near by Jervis Bay. If so would love to hear some feedback on how you went and whts around. I have never fished 'The banks' ( I believe is called "sir John Young banks"), but have heard that this is a real alive spot for some big fish.

Look forward to hearing how fellow fisherman have been going down there.

thanks alot

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last time i fished there the skippers plan was to "look for a local pro boat" that berleys up with livies and always has a massive swarm of kings around them. just trawl yakkas or slimys around them (not too close obviousely)

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Hey, I fish there regularly , but only troll around , have hooked up to plenty of rat kings and bonito , stripe tuna, also hooked a marlin about a month ago till he spat the hook when he jumped, anything is possible out there , just go and have a good time .

cheers snr

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