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The Peak Friday 4/3/11


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The plan was to get yellowtail at Moll Point go to the Peak and get some big kings as I had done ok out there last Friday,the yakkas where a bit hard to come by but after a change of spot managed to 12 or 13,so off to Peak we went there was a fair swell and bit of chop on top so it was bumpy ride out ,but the day was getting better the wind was dropping,things were looking good until the first drop then things went bad lost the hole rig in 2 minutes so after 6 more yakkas went the same way we decided the leather jackets had won the day ,so a change of plan was called for ,we went to wedding cake trolled around it a couple of times for one bonito ,then for some bottom bouncing at the trag grounds where we got a couple of mowies and snapper and a few assorted reef fish and that was it for the day

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