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Mahi, Tuna & Freejumper


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Trolled wide of Botany this week and landed this Mahi off the front of an oil tanker which was adrift at the shelf drop off.. also landed about a dozen healthy striped tuna, all around the 3 to 4kg mark, and all landed along the top of the drop off area.. also got treated to seeing a small striped Marlin freejumper at 12 mile reef on the way back in close - great day all round.

post-10991-081311100 1299982314_thumb.jpg

PS: Managed to lose 2 brand new lures to the 15 feet of yellow nylon rope that some loser had used to tie their boat to the Botany Wide FAD.. had a fine job trying to cut the rope free so that we could get them back! They must think you need to be sitting on top of it to catch a fish or something???

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nice cow secho they taste awesome,did you get her on a hb or livie

It jumped onto a greenish yellow 6 inch skirt with a jet head... we had double hook up, other one was on same style lure but with a pink skirt.. lost the second one after it swam under the boat and the wind on clipped the prop... we weren't too impressed with ourselves!!

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