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Hey guy havnt posted in a while but too busy with work and uni.

Im studying animal science and have a major assignment due (proposal is due tomorrow soo need info ASAP)

My case study is metazoan parasites in farmed kingfish which pass into wild kingfish making them more prone to predation. I have finish the body and done most the research I just need to find a wedbsite which has information about when kingfish farming started and also where and when kingfish traps were banned.

Thanks guys

Will beable to fish this weekend right after i hand this assignment in so i'll keep you's posted

Cheers Alan

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Just found when traps were banned but still cant find when farming began

Hey Alan,

Have you tried contacting the Department of Primary Industires? For fisheries maters their number is 1300 550 474. I imagine they should keep info like that on their records.


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