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Sydney harbour Thurs 17th

pure spirit

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Just wanted to post to let anyone who is interested know that there are heaps of Garfish off the edge of the Baths at Balmoral, with a mix of Kingies, Bonito, taylor and Salmon working them. Lots of Rats but boated two legals 68 and 72 got smoked by a monster who hit a live gar that i was spinning, casted out to the edge of the mooring was giving it a moment to sink when it hit ripping out the same drag that had landed the 72cm and busted me off around a moored boat. Picked up a nice flathead as well from a livie floating in midwater ?? The Kingies seemed to turn off around 8ish so played with the bonito and salmon for a couple of hour working around the boats which was entertaining as always with the salmon giving me a good run for my money on light gear. Tried a few other spots in the later morning into the afternoon with out much luck. but took home a good feed.

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