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Pro Angler advice needed!


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Hi All, This is my first post. I'm just getting back into fishing, after many years away from this noble pursuit. After reading many posts on this excellent website, I've decided to get a Pro Angler, for use on Wallis Lake, Forster and on the dams around Tamworth. I had a trial run with an Outback, which I found to be a bit of a heavy beast. So I figured if I'm destined to have a heavy beast, I may as well do it properly and get a monster! My questions are, does anyone make a trailer that I can buy "off the shelf" that is set up for a Pro-Angler? I've seen some nice set-ups on this site, but they all seem to be mods of one sort or another. Is a NSW Boat licence required if I fit an eVolve motor to the yak?

All advice much appreciated.

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Give our sponsor at Huett Marine a call, i'm sure he can sort you out with a good trailer.



Mr Craig Huett

1131 Pacific Hwy

Cowan NSW 2081

Email: craig@huettmarine.com.au

Phone: (02) 9456 1444

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm

Saturday 8.30am to 3pm

Sunday closed

Craig can also be contacted by personal message on this forum by using member name Huey@Huett Marine

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Thanks Leo, I just spoke to Craig, and he's suggesting modifying a small boat trailer, which I'm sure would work. As I'm basically quite inept, I'm hoping someone in the trailer business has done one already, or is able to set one up ready to go. With the size of these big buggers and the cost of roof bars etc, there's gotta be a market for a trailer to suit!

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There's also Gary from Seriously Stainless, he might be able to convert a trailer or make one up, try calling him.


Cnr Wiblin and Vore St, Silverwater NSW 2128

Gary Bricknell

  • PH 0438264377
  • FAX 99480541

Graham Cribb

  • PH 97481037
  • Fax 96484976

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Thanks Guys,

I've found a Hobie dealer in Victoria ( not sure about rules for naming businesses- ask if anyone wants to know), who have done a deal with a trailer manufacturer to produce a Pro-angler specific trailer. Also have the answer to the boat licence question - none needed if travelling at under 10km/h. I'll save the next question for another post- have yak & gear, on the water, how do I catch a *@#& fish!!!!

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