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While i was away for work with no boat, or anywhere to fish, I popped into the nearest tackle shop to get my fishing fix.

I've recently purchased a Stradic Ci4 1000, so needed some new braid. While i was looking at the range of braids they had the salesman came over and explained a few of the differences.

I couldn't make up my mind so went for a bit of a browse to help make my decision.

One of the salesman then asked me about which knots i use, he then broke into a full on knot demostration for me with what he perceives to be the best knots for soft plastics fishing.

The Albright and then an improvement on what i know as the blood knot (standard way you tie a hook on), instead of just using the single strand, he doubled it over tied the knot with 2 strands. If that makes sense. I haven't looked on youtube for any tutorials but i'd imagine there are some on there.

He used some 50lb braid and flourocarbon to demonstrate the superior strength of both knots. I really couldn't believe the difference.

They are what i would consider at least twice as strong as the Double uni and the normal blood knot. It's going to take some practise to get really good at the Albright as it's a bit more fiddly than the doulbe uni. To make things worse i just bought some 6lb Sunline Super PE which feels noticably thinner than 3lb Fireline. This is going to make it really tough on slightly windy days. I'm going to have to get in the habit of making sure i'm fully rigged up before putting the boat in the water.

Anyways, if you're new (or old) to lure fishing and use a knot to join a leader to a trace, seriously consider the albright, it's lower profile and will cast a little better, and is stronger so you'll get the most out of the breaking strain of your line.

Can't wait to try these new knots tomorrow.

I'll be out in the Nomad at Towra most of the day fishing for some flatties, might even sneak up the Cooks if the wind picks up in the arvo.

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