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botany Bay


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Hi all, first post.

Any one fished around the Bay in the last few days? Just moved back to Sydney after 6 years on the central coast and I'm a bit lost in these parts. I'm hanging to wet a line and went out on Friday around Gladesvile only to find filthy water and high winds. Absolute waste of time but keen to go out today. Have a 14ft tiny

Any info would be appreciated

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I must say im kinda in the same boat(no pun intended)

I only started fishing the bay after over 3 years without touching the boat, and all the old spots where we used to clean up have been a waste of time lately, May be due to all the dredging and port work, not sure, but its gonna take a little more time to find the fish again.

P.s. ive found early morning so far the best time, we used to go out for the arvo/sunset but lately sunrise is where we've had all the luck.

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