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Two Newbies need help

newbie Al

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Your name:Alvin (32)

Your Location:Carlingford

Fishing technique: Any salt water except Fly Fishing (dont have equip)

Availability: Weekends only

Preferred location: Hawkesbury River but Anywhere within an hour and a half of Carlingford is fine

Provide your own gear? Yes

Provide your own boat? No

My cousin Shanan will be coming along too if someone is keen. If you have a boat we are happy to show the courtesy of helping out with fuel costs and washing the boat afterwards (thats a given I guess). Also more than happy to shout a couple rounds of beers afterwards (thats a given I guess)

More than happy to be land based as well for which the beer clause above still applies (thats a given.....)

Thanks for your time.

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