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Mariner 40hp 6e9 kill switch wiring?

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Guest Aussie007

wire up a lanyard kill switch to your ignition this way while your driving if u fall over board u have the lanyard cord attached to your wrist it will pop off and kill the engine comes with all new engines these days the lanyard switch will have 2 wires u need to find the right wire on the ignition with a multimeter or look for color coded wires and trace it back to the engine than wire one wire to the ignition and the other to an earth on my evinrude the kill switch wire from the engine to the ignition is positive 12v if i touch that wire to earth the engine shuts off your engine might be different so take it to a shop unless u want to fiddle with it and possibly burn something electrical out a auto electrician will wire one up for you for $50 or u can look at an online auction site look up your engines manual and find the wiring diagram hope this helps

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