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shot at the pirtek challenge

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Today we hit up the georges river for the pirtek challenge (as i assume a few other raiders did). The morning went of too a great start with basscatcher hooking 2 small bream on hard body's with in the first 2 casts. the action slowed as we moved from fishing the rocky banks to the sand flats. not hooking anything decent for the next 40 mins we moved over to another rocky shore basscatcher scored this "just legal" bream on his atomic hardbody

post-11518-093076200 1302425004_thumb.jpg

The next fish caught was a first for me and hopefully not a last after its performance, a nice 31cm blackie :yahoo: caught on a berkely 3B fat dog deep.

post-11518-021756200 1302425503_thumb.jpgpost-11518-037525700 1302425558_thumb.jpg

A few casts later and basscatcher landed this 27cm bream again on his atomic

post-11518-052480500 1302425880_thumb.jpg

The fish went quite as the tied died off and a couple of moves later we decided to target some flatty in deeper water on the turn of the tide. It paid off, however they werent huge fish but i managed 2 in 2 casts on a large squidgy flickbait one was 40cm the next 41cm

post-11518-021670300 1302426045_thumb.jpgpost-11518-013363800 1302426135_thumb.jpg

The tide picked up in the area we were working so we made a move in closer to find some eddy's and structure, catsing the hardbody's again for bream we picked up a few small ones until i hooked on to this beautiful bream, measuring a nice 34cm become our biggest fish for the day.

post-11518-049556000 1302426462_thumb.jpgpost-11518-043450600 1302426529_thumb.jpg

the wind picked up then the rain poured down so we decided to call it a day fairly happy with our day in the windy, busy conditions.

Hope all the other raiders ou on the water had some good success too.

cheers bassboy

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Those fat dog deeps have a beautiful little action on them don't they? Only a matter of time until they start to account for a lot of fish

By the way, you might want to edit/shrink the size of the pictures with your fishing license in them, at full size you can read your full name, address and date of birth!

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