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Qld Pirtek 2011 in the S.M.B.I.


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was at the chosen spot waiting for 6.00 am,stayed local in the southern moreton bay islands,at the north end of garden island on the eastern side, light s.e. breeze, fresh pumped yabbies, mullet flesh and w a pilchards the selection for the day, first half hour saw 2 undersized bream, at 7.00 am plus, an 8ft shovelnose on mullet cube, bit of work on light rod with a small alvey star drag and 8 lb line in 2 metres of water, thought about photo opportunity,but not able to manhandle it into boat,probably a good thing,it might have hurt me.a bit after 8.00am i got 2 whiting (28cm and 27cm)about 15 minutes a part, picture of the 28 for the pirtek competition,and back into the drink",that hurt", the only whiting for the day,over the next 4 hours caught about 15 bream of which one was legal size,plus a small shovelnose, a massive female mudcrab(23cm),a porqupine pufferfish and a squire.wind freshened from n.w early afternoon, 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm when i gave it away as it was nearly low tide i boated a sole and 2 more bream,one of which cracked 25 cm.next year might be better if the floods stay away.till then,more practice.fishkillerpost-11512-095372700 1302663282_thumb.jpg

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