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Just like comfort food

Catchin Jack

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Hey Raiders,

While out visiting a friend last night at his shop and after he softened me up on his finest whiskey I walked out with new toys.

With a few changes going on and not being able to go out fishing anywhere new as much as I used to I needed something to make me feel better.

Ended up getting......

Strudwick Sic Stick Pro in 1-3kg and 6'6" in length

and matched it up with a......

Pflueger Patriarch XT spin reel

loaded with.....

4lb Berkley Fireline Crystal braid.

PS - You may see this in Swap n Sell soon if the :wife: carries on to much hahaha

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The Sic-Stik Pro has been one of my favourite rods for a long time Leo. Unfortunately mine is in the shed at the moment awaiting a new tip :mad3: Very nice outfit mate and something that will provide hours of enjoyment :thumbup:



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Yeh i've heard the Sic Stick have issues with tips breaking, but there's always a Berkley to replace it haha.

Gotta love the whiskey to soften me up but it gets better....He offers me an ice cream as i'm leaving :yahoo:

The reel is great, feels great and quite light.

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