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Making the Trip down


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Well my son and I are making the trip down to the salt this weekend.. :1fishing1:

Seeing as the weather looks like Botany is going to have a 20kn southerly on Saturday :ranting2: i think we will hit the Hawksberry Saturday and try for some Jewies..

We will put in at Parsley Bay and hit the pill box for some bait, Then we will be about the following areas... Lion Island.. if the weather is nice to us, then Patonga, Juno Point and Cottage Point. Then as night fallls we will try the bridges both, the rail and the road bridge.. I will be monitoring 86 on the 27Mhz..

If the weather fines up or the wind changes, We will head back to Botany on the Sunday.. Do some trolling outsides the heads, work the drums and then the bridges at night..

Please feel free to come on over and say hi if you see us about.. I have a brown Monark with a blue bimini and yellow boat named Hooked..

Good luck to everyone this weekend and keep it safe :thumbup:

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