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Landbased harbor snapper.


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Hey guys,

Went down to Clifton gardens with a mate last night to try our luck off the wharf. Armed with a couple of frozen squid caught a couple of weeks ago I was hoping to get a king or Jew.

So I put a whole squid on my ugly stick/baitrunner combo on a double snelled riband cast it out unweighted. Then I rig up my flick rod with a squid jig as I cast this out as my jig hit the water, my baitrunner starts to scream! The bait had been in the water for less than two minutes!

I pick up my rod and start winding. I quickly realised that it wasn't a jewie. Had a few good runs and after a few minutes I see colour. It's a snapper. And a decent size too.

So we get the net and land the fish and it went 40cm. ( PB landbased snapper for me)

So, I re rigged my half squid I had left after the snapper(kindly donated my other squid to my mate who used as strip baits for one small snapper and not much else) but didnt have much luck.

Didn't land any squid, not even a hit! But managed to land a small tailor which I put on as a live bait. Which didn't get touched either.

Only got the one fish but I was happy with that. Pan fried snapper for dinner tonight! YUMMO!


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