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E-TEC service in Southern Sydney


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Hi there ..

I understand that Huett's Marine is the place to go as far as E-TEC servicing is concerned but I have recently moved to Engadine in the far south of Sydney.....Its a long way to Cowan unfortunately so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place to get my 2005 90 Etec serviced from in Southern Sydney ?

Kind Regards



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Hi, who ever you choose make sure they have the right training and tools with the latest diagonsitic software and only Evinrude dealers, who go to the trouble and expense of keeping upto date will have this. I would recomend us of course and we have been doing it a long time and you learn tricks with every brand and considering the beautiful Hawkesbury is only 10 minutes away you could plan to have a day off and drop the boat in, we can service it while you go for a fish or lunch down at the River and then pick the boat back up after a few hours.



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