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12 mile and Browns


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Hi raiders,

Had a big day planned and high expectations for wednesday. Conditions were good so we loaded up on yakkas in MH and hooked a quick 2 kings before heading out to 12 mile. Brett had just got fitted side and front clears to his triumph CC and what a difference it makes. We powered out to 12 mile and got a spread out. Headed towards Browns and all we could raise were stripies. It was my first attempt at setting a spread and even managed to set short riggers with rubber bands so the action was better. All fish taken on shotgun. I gotta get some better lures to improve my chances. We cruised through one of the biggest pods of dolphins i have ever seen, must of been hundreds of them. Got out to Browns and unfortunately for us we had forgotton the electric reel as the conditions looked good for a bash on the bottom, although the new HDS6 struggled to stay in contact with the bottom. Trolled around Browns for awhile for zero then headed over to Botany FAD?. Saw some jumping fish at FAD but couldnt get a strike. Back to 12 mile for a jig and bottom bash. Leatherjackets were a problem and so was jigging. Not for me and wont really bother with that method. One boat we talked to got a good king. Thought we would go to the colours after another quick troll. Managed a Dollie that was legal and attempted to leader him into the boat - bad move because as soon as i lifted him it let go. He hit a 3m plus deep diving Xrap in gold and white. Did some circles but no more strikes. Sick of trolling we punched it over to colours in great conditions at like 60KPH. Long time since we have gone flat out, out wide. Colours we picked up a couple of legal snapper and bream and i scored a massive cuttle on a yakka. Must say the stripies are excellent bait bottom bashing and glad we got qute a few. They are good for jewies and even the kings take them. All up a great day on the water but we didnt get a take from a Marlin. Did hear a report of a YFT at about 30 kilos taken out wide.


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