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Help with flathead on soft plastic


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i wanted to start to use soft plastic and try to catch a Flathead on one as they are one of the most easiest to catch on soft plastic (you can see i did a bit of research there). But i don't know where to start so i went to the shops and got so squidgy slick rigs in yakka colour with that s factor tube, There already pre-rigged which makes it easier. Now can anyone please suggest a place to try that won't snag them and i might at least catch one, i prefer to fish somewhere close to home. i live in Bankstown, maybe somewhere along the Georges river.

Thanks Andy

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Try along the shore at Brighton/Ramsgate/Dolls Point on a runout tide.

If you want a longer journey and a day out with the girl friend, Kurnell along Silvers Beach between the groins produces regularly.


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Im not too confident that the upper Georges region fishes well for flatties. Fished the upper region countless times and have only ever managed a handfull of flatties. Usually bream,whiting and jews. Got to admit though the whiting are quite large lol. Also collosal mullet !!! But yeah still give it a go bream and whiting take plastics and i dont see why they cant work ! Maybe something in a prawn shape and in a White pearl colour should do the trick with a light jig head, but some parts of the georges has a fairly heavy current and sometimes too light means you dont make bottom ! So take a variety of jig heads with yah some leader and few packs of plastics and you should be well on your way. Maybe even take a spare spool for your reel just incase a big jew decides to put a stop to your plastic flickin action !!!



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