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Fish Finders - Cowan Creek


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Hi All,

I am just new to the group.

I have just started to fish Cowan Creek and I have been told:

1) There is little to no real structure in Cowan Creek so a fish finder is not really necessary.

2) I have also been told there is reef

a) That runs down pretty much the whole of Smith's Creek?

B) Coal & Candle creek also has reef?

Hope someone can help out.

Also are there many people from the group that fish Cowan Creek? I have been told it is a really tricky spot.



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A sounder would defiantly help mate especially with water temps too

People think funny when it comes to structure but it can be anything from rock walls, points, drop offs, weed patches which the cowan has plenty of :thumbup:

Just stay close to the shoreline in most parts and you should be fine


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I've been checking out the rock walls up and down the cliffy looking areas and noticed quite a few drop offs and ledges all over the place.

Also see a lot of structure close to shore, pockets of boulders or fallen trees within 20 metres of the shore.

I'd be lost without my sounder! Can't say it's a waste of time in Cowan...

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