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Port Stephens / Nelson Bay


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Port Stephens was firing over the easter long weekend, plenty of Salmon off One Mile Beach / Middle Rock at Anna Bay, you could see them all along the beach in the waves and the occasional jumping out of the water. Pictured below - 66cm Salmon caught while fishing for Whiting, was using a small long shank hook when a big school of Salmon came through an took the bait, it demolished the hook and as i beached it the hook snapped in half, luckily i grabbed it before it swam away! Few people fishing beside me caught about 8-10 Salmon all around the 40-50cm size till a trawler came through and cleaned the place out and there was nothing around even the next morning. :ranting2:

The Nelson Bay Marina Breakwall was also producing a lot of good sized bream, with everyone along the wall hooking up all night. Had one massive run that bent a stiff 10ft rod right over and took off like a bullet but unfortunetly spat the hook after a massive run. :thumbdown:

post-12431-085875400 1303719063_thumb.jpg

post-12431-093835400 1303720407_thumb.jpg

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Yo bro,

Just got back from the bay myself and drooled over everyones catch everyday, misses said no rods this time !! Just had to feed my addiction by hanging around the cleaning tables. Good weekend none the less.

Had seen some massive kingies being cleaned, good sized snapper & flatties and loads of bream.

Had read reports of whiting however didn't see anyone catch any. Nice pic of your salmon and hope you had a good weekend up there. It's a top place to spend a few days.



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I can certainly testify to the fact that the fishing was hot especially the beach fishing i stayed at tea gardens and the first night fished on the beach at winda woppa reserve, and the big salmon came out to play double hook up my wife pulls her 70cm salmon in then i manage to drag my 95cm beast out of the water and after a few more tailor here and there we decided to head home. Woke up the next morning and the wife wants to go for a walk along the beach we fished the night before i told her i was only coming if i could take my spin rod, so thinking i could flick for some flatties when i got to the bay i only grabbed the 1-3 kg rod with 4lb braid some metal slices and plastics WELL when we arrived at the beach fish were busting up everywhere and spread out over a kilometre i was running between schools that i could reach with a cast. The first hook up was a solid salmon who jumped about four times and spat the hook, Not a worry next cast the reel screams and screams and screams i was thinking im gonna get spooled for sure then the fish gave up when i finally got it in i couldnt believe it a frigate mackeral off the beach and thankfully a shark had bitten its tail off and saved me from getting spooled the school stayed a round for about 2 hours and i managed to drag in about 30 tailor before the school moved out and i could not reach with a cast so we decided that maybe we will finish the walk another day which also did not happy but the wife didnt mind thankfully.

post-7055-030639100 1303811503_thumb.jpg

post-7055-038623700 1303811536_thumb.jpg

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