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A few kings of Terrigal


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G'day raiders

Went out of Terrigal today intending to try for some dolphin fish at some traps we found while we were out last time. Got out there and found a field of 10 or so traps so we picked the oldest looking floats (which are the best for dollies) and started freespooling some pillies around them but couldn't get any so we started chucking chromies at the traps and ended up having a couple hours of fun with small dollies on light gear.

By now the storm on the horizon was starting to get closer but we still needed a feed and with texas only 5km away we decided to go jig for some kingys before heading home.

Shot over to our favorite part of the reef and jigged up 4 kings in no time, one was undersize though. And got a couple of massive bonnies too, 67cm was the biggest :1yikes:

But now the storm had really set in and we were drenched, the bilge pump really got a workout today lol.

Anyway despite the conditions it was good to get a few good feeds of kingfish as we're starting to run out of the jewfish :mfr_lol:

Water temp was still pretty warm out there, around 22.6 most the day and I reckon by winter the jigging will start to hot up of Terrigal if there are already rats around.

Cheers, Prawn Star

post-14559-069396500 1303733520_thumb.jpg

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nice catch there buddy, did you find the smaller yakkas??

No not this time unfortunately, the ones at the red marker were around 35cm, ridiculous, and I sounded up a big school of something off the skillion but they wouldn't take the bait jig. But one day when the current and wind isn't running to hard Im gonna put one of those big yakkas down and see what happens.

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