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April 26th. Short post


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Just got back from a quick outing this morning. At 7 from Lane Cove the rain looked like clearing up(wrong!) so shot out to the heads for a quick troll. On Thursday last week i'd headed out by myself just past North Head towards Manly and hooked a decent tuna. Not exactly sure what kind as I was fishing alone and after a really good fight on 13.5k mono and my hand holding the leader it swam slowly off with my favourite Halco red head ahh! :ranting2: ! A poor knot was to blame, duh!

So today was about getting out again and looking for redemption. Twas very rough, windy and rainy at North Head with steep short period waves, yuck. Quickly got a small bonito and headed back home as it was just not much fun n those conditions. Stopped on the way at goat Island and only found leather jackets. At least there is fish in the harbour and still some good pelegics around. Hopefully the weather holds up for next weekend.


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